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On a related note, I found this comic to be just as apt.

On a related note, I found this comic to be just as apt.

On a related note, I found this comic to be just as apt.

On a related note, I found this comic to be just as apt.

Not many traditional companies can pull off an ad like this. GE does it and has been staying relevant and with a strong brand for years now.


$74MM mission to Mars and success at first go.

I still remember gathering at the ISRO colony as it would do live broadcasting of the entire launch. I remember how my dad would go sad about a failed launch and then pick himself right back up to work to ensure the next one would be an amazing success.

Being the son of a rocket scientist had its perks =D!

Good luck to ISRO and kudos on an incredible accomplishment. :)

For any Indian company, even established ones, reaching Alibaba’s level will be difficult because the domestic market is already crowded. Though there is enough room for growth, global giants with deep pockets are competing with Indian players. Amazon CEO Jeff Skilling, at the time of announcing a $2 billion dollar investment in India — which was in response to Flipkart’s $1 billion fundraising — said that “At current scale and growth rates, India is on track to be our fastest country ever to a billion dollars in gross sales.”

Shishir Asthana from Business Standard really needs a fact checker. Also, why is Business Standard writing Business Insider type articles?

But burn rates are exactly that. Burning cash. Losing money. Emphasis on the losing.

I’m really happy that I’m not alone in thinking this way. At some point you have to build a real business, generate real profits, sustain the company without the largess of investor’s capital, and start producing value the old fashioned way. We have a number of companies in our portfolio that do that. And I love them for it. I wish we had more.

Thank you. More please.

You could say that writing iOS and Mac apps is like living in a town where one company provides most of the jobs. (Sure, you could work at the diner, but all your customers work at this one company.)

And writing web apps is like living in New York City, where choice and contrast is everywhere, and sometimes A and B (and C and D) are all equally cool but different.

The web is the cosmopolitan environment.

Brent Simmons on web development

Selling Your Soul
DOGHOUSE DIARIES, thedoghousediaries.com

And here’s today’s installment of Will harassing Ray & Raf with the most mundane things he can think of.

I agree. I agree….


Great tool for Chromebook buyers by @dantup

Ian Servantes, complex.com

"Community" fans just found a Donald Glover easter egg in "The Amazing Spider-Man"

#community - all forms of awesomeness.

Announcement: Readers who feel threatened by equality no longer welcome
Tim Colwill, on.net

When it comes time to make a point about an important issue the tool I usually default to is humour, or satire, because I find it’s easiest to change people’s minds if you can make them laugh along with you. A lot of awful things have happened thi…

You can replace gamers with people here. Well worded. The context where anyone is mistreated is just terrible.

Leslie Jamison, slate.com

This article is excerpted from “52 Blue,” the newest single from the Atavist. You can purchase the full story from the Atavist’s website. It is also available on Amazon.Dec. 7,…

This is so very interesting. Via @harinisaladi