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The Manliest Vegetarian Dish Ever Devised
Luke O’Neil, esquire.com

Involving beets, coffee, smoke, and Chef Michael Scelfo.

We’re liv­ing in a gold­en age of veg­e­tar­i­an din­ing. That’s due in part to aware­ness about the ethics of meat pro­duc­tion, per­son­al health con­cerns, and just plain old…

.@harinisaladi - So totally have to check this dish out. A reason to go to Boston now. ;-)


There’s been an explosion in gadgets, an explosion fueled by Kickstarter and Indiegogo and any number of startups. How do you figure out what to buy? Maybe by not buying at all. Lumoid wants you to rent.

Wired profile of @lumoidit. Exciting times for @aarthir and @harinisaladi. w00t. If you have not tried it yet and are interested in photography, you absolutely should.

by Renganathan Ramamoorthy, gurupanguji.net

This is moving way faster than I expected and I LOVE IT.

LAST LIFE – A Game by Rocket Science Amusements
dirkpetzold, weandthecolor.com

LAST LIFE, A New Adventure Game by Rocket Science Amusements.Last Life is the title of an upcoming sci-fi noir adventure game from Rocket Science Amusements in which you have to investigate your own murder. In a transhumanist colony on Mars, priva…

This game sounds fascinating. Check it out and if you like what you see, support it.

Kikkerland Fabled Axe Tea Infuser Was Inspired by a Korean Fairy Tale about A Woodcutter

Kikker­land Fabled Axe Tea Infuser was one of Kikker­land Korea Design Chal­lenge 2013 win­ners. It’s a unique axe shaped tea infuser that def­i­nite­ly make tea time more inter­est­ing. The design wa …

That’s one cool looking tea infuser. Wonder what happens if we design inspired by Hindu mythology.


Outlandish and innovative, this electric motorcycle can cruise as far as a gasoline-powered bike.

Incredible Austrian designed electric motorbike. More Star Wars inspired designs are welcome.


The Heart­bleed bug is mak­ing some Amer­i­cans ques­tion whether the US gov­ern­ment would pub­licly dis­close such a flaw or keep it secret in the name of nation­al secu­ri­ty pur­pos­es. Now it seems the author­i­ty is com­ing direct­ly from th…

TIL: If true, the Obama campaign was just false marketing and there really hasn’t been a change since the Bush administration. =|

The Mellon Lifestyle as a Brand
By MARISA MELTZER, nytimes.com

“It’s a good story. Do you want me to start, love?” Nicole Han­ley Mel­lon asked her hus­band, Matthew Mel­lon, on a recent Fri­day. The cou­ple were seat­ed in the liv­ing room of their apart­ment in the Pierre hotel, telling how they met in 2006…

TIL - the life of the rich and famous are so very different from my plebeian existence. =)

The New Materialism of Silicon Valley

Sil­i­con Val­ley types are char­ac­ter­ized as peo­ple who care about not car­ing. They don’t demon­strate their wealth with fancy cars or spa­cious man­sions. They look down upon lav­ish dis­plays o …

The anti materialistic, materialistic Silicon Valley.


The Indi­an Super League is the name of a new, pro­posed foot­ball league in India by IMG-Reliance (a combo of IMG and Reliance Indus­tries) and the All India Foot­ball Fed­er­a­tion. It is set to kick …

TIL: India is forcing a football league in the hopes of another IPL. Interesting. To be fair, a failed attempt was PHL.


With NSA spying, drone strikes and war, America isn’t the shining beacon of hope it used to be. But it could be worse. We could be anywhere else. Leave it to country music to find a way to stay patriotic in these dark times.

“‘Merica sure sucks less.” Colleghumor fun!

Chrome Beta Version 35 Brings New Features, Tab Closing Undo and Chromecast Video Support
Rithvik, droid-life.com

In a move which breaks Google’s usual Wednesday update ritual, we are seeing an update this afternoon to the Chrome Beta app with a couple of feature enhancements.The first feature on the changelog is the ability to undo closing a tab, whic…

Sideloading for the uninitiated is dangerous. And yet… for something as critical as Chrome, droid-life.com is making it “simpler.”

Heartbleed Explanation

Power of medium — Best explanation of heartbleed so far.

'Trivial' mistake that caused Heartbleed crisis highlights fragility of the web | The Verge

The “Heart­bleed” flaw that has turned inter­net secu­ri­ty upside down was added to the open-source OpenSSL pro­to­col on New Year’s Eve 2011, experts now believe. It was entered by one man — Ger­man soft­ware devel­op­er Robin Seggel­mann — and …

Why is @verge doing Fox News for Tech like headlines? You guys are better than this.

Just having a 4K TV isn’t enough to see Netflix’s 4K streams

The only 2013 4K TV that can han­dle Net­flix’s new streams is the Sam­sung UNF9000 with the SEK-2500V upgrade kit. Most oth­ers don’t have the right H.265/HEVC decoder.

4K everywhere, as long as you have the Samsung UNF9000 TV. Available for the cheap cheap price of $2500-$4500. ;-)